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    Hello everyone,

    I'm really excited to let you all know that we've been given a bit of money from Manchester Metropolitan University to research, write and publish two new information resources for under 25s, which will be available on our website, and in print.

    The resources will be a leaflet on Taboo Voices & Visions (working title) and a booklet on Understanding & Living with Multiplicity (working title).

    We're thinking that it could be helpful to include in the first leaflet what taboo voices and visions are (i.e. voices that talk about difficult subjects like aggression or violence), why they can be hard to talk about with the people in our lives, different ways of thinking about and exploring these voices or visions and ideas on ways of coping with them.

    We're thinking that it could be helpful to include in the second booklet what multiplicity is (the experience of having multiple selves, or parts, within the body), what it's like to live with multiplicity and the impact it can have on day-to-day life, why some people experience multiplicity and different ways of coping with any difficult experiences.

    In both resources we'll be looking to include a section on how to get help and support if you're worried about your experiences.

    While these are some rough ideas, we really want to hear what you all think. Some questions we'd like to ask you are:

    What would you like to see us include in these resources?
    What would be helpful to know about?
    Do you have any questions you'd like us to answer in these resources?
    What should we definitely avoid?
    Are there any words, phrases or images we should or shouldn't be using?
    What could we call them?
    How would you like them to look?

    I'm sure we'll have some more questions to add here soon, but these are a starting place!

    We're also looking to include quotes and personal stories about living with these experiences, because we think it's important that young people are given the space to tell their stories in their own words. These can be anonymous if people prefer, i.e. you could choose a different name if you like.

    Please do feel free to share your ideas in this thread. If you'd prefer to message us privately about any of this, you can always email us on (these emails are answered by me and Lucy only).

    The deadline we're working to is the 1st August, so if you'd like to get involved do message us ASAP!!

    Thanks all,

    Eve :)
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