• Saz

    Webinar Thursday 4th/Friday 5th February 2021 6-8pm

    We are collaborating with Manchester Metropolitan University on a Special Interest Research Group looking at treatment and support options for young people with multi-sensory experiences.

    We are looking to invite about 10 young people to a webinar in February so you can share your experiences about what has been helpful and unhelpful in terms of support and treatment you have received. An artist will be joining us as well to create a story board of all of the experiences that are shared. We are also able to pay those who would like to be involved in the webinar.

    We would also like some input about the name of this research group and would love to hear your ideas too! Here are some ideas so far:

    Multisensory Experiences Treatment Expectations and Options Research
    Exploring Support for Multisensory Experiences
    Research Group for the Support and Treatment of Multisensory Experiences

    Please let us know if you are interested in joining the webinar and which one of these dates is your preferred option.

    For more information please email us
  • Milo
    I wouldnt mind joining on the Friday! :)
  • Saz
    Hi Milo, that's great to hear! I will send you an email on the forum about the details!
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